Why are cat eye wooden sunglasses are gaining in popularity?

There really is no one factor for their popularity but here are a few good reasons why people are turning to wooden sunglasses:

  1. Wooden sunglasses are available in bamboo, rosewood, walnut, zebrano and ebony so you have several woods to choose from when you select a frame.
  2. The wood grain is clearly visible and very appealing in comparison to the fake plastic wood grains.  Wood is a beautiful and enduring material,
  3. The cat eye wooden sunglasses are eco-friendly
  4. They float.  If you drop a pair of wooden sunglasses into water they typically float.
  5. They are unique as no one pair is identical to another pair of wooden sunglasses
  6. They are handcrafted

One drawback is that wooden sunglasses are not as durable as metal or plastic frames.

Please take your time browsing through our catalogue to find the right pair of wholesale cat eye sunglasses.

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