Vintage cat eye sunglasses refer to a year or time period for variations of the cat eye sunglasses style.

It is a bit of an oddity and the term vintage is usually associated with wine.

With respect to vintage cat eye sunglasses, it refers to original designs of act eye sunglasses form the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  Vintage sunglasses are not simulations or copies of the original brand; they are given to be the same product produced many years ago.

Not all vintage sunglasses are actually vintage.   Vintage cat eye sunglasses and retro cat eye sunglasses are somewhat interchanged even though they are two different styles.

Generally speaking, retro cat eye sunglasses are copies or simulations of the original version whereas vintage cat eye sunglasses are the original product.

Some manufacturers now refer to vintage cat eye sunglasses and true vintage cat eye sunglasses.

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